The High Roller Challenge

This week starting Monday, April 8th until Monday, April 15th we will be giving away 3 Kontra Chess T-shirts to the players who can earn the most coins during the challenge. Winners will be announced on our social media channels on Tuesday, April 16h. 

The rules are simple. Log in to the site, play, hustle, farm and grind your way to Kontra Coin riches! The player with the most earnings at the end of the week will win their pick of the very cool new Kontra Chess t-shirts.

The contest will reward one winner from each of the following rating brackets:

UNDER 1500 ELO || 1501 - 1900 || 1900 AND ABOVE

The player in each category who earns the most coins will win their choice of one of these KONTRA shirts:

Kontra Chess
Player For Life


  1. Only coins won between Monday, April 8th until Monday, April 15th at midnight CET will be counted in this contest.
  2. Coins bought in the Coin Store do not count towards this contest.
  3. Collecting coin bonus does count so be sure to claim your 10.000 coins every 4 hours!
  4. Any players found to be using an engine will be disqualified and banned.
  5. No creating multiple accounts to farm coins - this will be checked.
  6. Playing against Leela or Elena AI’s does not affect your coin balances and does not count in this contest.

Good luck and have fun!