Welcome to Kontra Chess Closed Beta!

In the coming weeks we will be adding loads of new features and site improvements.
Your feedback is highly appreciated during this period. To report bugs, share your comments, and/or suggestions, you can contact us using the support function of the side menu. To thank our beta team for their support we will be holding prize giveaways, competitions, and lots of Kontra Chess site perks over the coming months.

We added the following features in the current update:

Click and drop is now live. This means you can now click a piece you want to move and click the square you want to place the piece to drop it there.
· you can now send a kontra by clicking the button.
· you can now get the PGNs for your games in match history.

Match replay from profile match history
· Now you can replay your matches in real-time, 2x speed, 4x speed, or by clicking the arrows.. It's very cool and a BIG step for KC.

· 10 new board colors & textures! Let us know which one you'll be playing with. So far red & cream seems to be the most popular
· New IMPROVED chat. It looks much much better. We think it's the best looking chat on any chess server!
· Now you can turn on/off highlight possible moves. And "ghosting" peices that cannot move has been disabled by default

In the coming months Kontra Chess will be rolling out the following updates:

· Daily coin bonus
· General chat on homepage
· Time odds
· Stake odds
· Material odds
· Analysis board
· Ability to resize the board
· Lots more!